As I have been asked to keep this piece interesting, I will not bog you down with mind numbing assaults on how to write convincing CVs and cover letters and how best to impress Managing Directors and Vice Presidents at interviews. To know that, you need to come to our specific events. Instead, I will tell you about my experience as a Front Office/Investment Banking Spring Week Intern at three bulge bracket banks -Barclays Investment Bank, Citi Group, and Credit Suisse AG. I had a fantastic time at all three, I expanded my network quite efficiently and learnt many things that I never knew before.

Ultimately, I chose to pursue a career at Barclays as I felt that the people I met were very open and welcoming and I could associate with the culture. I am sure Barclays reciprocated my sentiment as they not only offered me the customary penultimate year internship, but also a one-month internship this summer (2016) as a first year student to get to know the teams better. I completed this internship in the M&A product group for the CEEMEA team and emerged with a much better understanding of banking. At this point, I would like to tell you that please choose a bank that wants you too as that is the place you will truly progress because they will leave no stone unturned to assist your development.

Another very important point is honesty as your recruiters will be people who have been working in the industry for many years and they can sniff a lie from a mile off-if you do not know something, just say the word and they will explain it to you, lie and you will be caught in a web. They are looking for qualities which show a great future banker like willingness to learn and they do not want a smart ass who is convinced that he knows everything.

Lastly, keep yourself up to date with the industry news by reading specialist newspapers like the Financial Times or Bloomberg Business and always be ready with an opinion about what you read, merely stating the facts is not enough. Use the facts to make a point, stick to your decision enough but be ready to modify it when presented with new information.

Finally, be sure that you are indeed interested in a career in banking before anything else and that you are not just following the herd. Take steps to demonstrate this interest (joining the Business Club, attending regular events) and I am sure you will be successful in your pursuit.

– Eeshita Pande