Who We Are

KCLBC is the largest business society at King’s College London and it strives to provide our student community their best shot to achieving their dreams. Be it running a hedge fund or creating a startup to address food scarcity in Africa. We nurture talent and grow skills thanks to a series of events, online content and activities you can read about below.


We cover M&A, Markets and Asset Management providing students with the knowledge and skills they need to break in the industry.


From insightful workshops and case clubs to one on one sessions with experienced consultants - we've got it all covered.


Our S&B division is tailored to growing your startup, setting the ground for your idea to evolve into a business plan or simply helping you acquire entrepreneurial skills.

Intl. Relations

London is the world, but the world isn't London; that's why twice a year we visit two cities in Europe and abroad to meet some of the largest corporations in the world.

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